Once again I am so pleased to welcome you to my newly revised website.  It continues to be designed to be informative and to elicit conversation with individuals who are interested in banishing bullying behavior among children and adults. It is also designed to educate parents and professionals about twice exceptional children, children who are both gifted/talented and yet are experiencing learning difficulties attributed to learning disabilities. All too often the giftedness masks the learning disability and the learning disability masks the giftedness so neither is addressed leading to frustration on the part of the student, parents and teachers because the student is not achieving at a level commensurate with his/her ability.

Banishing Bullying Behavior on the shelves in Clark University Library

Many children with special needs such as the twice exceptional (2e) become the targets of bullies. Discussions in this site are designed to help parents and professionals identify 2e children and to provide meaningful intervention.

This web site includes a section devoted to the Beth Shalom Sisterhood Banishing Bullying Behavior (BBB) Project with the hope that many of you will join us in our efforts to prevent bullying behavior.

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